Life as we know it has been turned upside-down thanks to COVID-19. Your safety has always been our priority here at The Sissy Kit, and in the interest of transparency, here's how we'll be moving forward during this uncertain time:


While there's currently no evidence COVID-19 can travel by mail, many of our products were originally sourced from China. That said, our last orders of fresh inventory were delivered to us in early 2019, months before the virus originated. After arriving at our fulfillment center, all items were immediately tagged and repackaged.

We're still deciding how best to move forward if the virus is still an issue when we run out of inventory. For now, we'll remove that product from our site all together, meaning that currently, products here are now listed on a first come, first served basis. There's no guarantee we'll restock.


To reduce risk of any possible product contamination, orders are currently being fulfilled by Mistress Petra Hunter herself. She's taking strict precautions in her personal life to stay safe and is fulfilling orders while wearing both gloves and a medical-grade mask.


Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final and returns not accepted. This is especially true with COVID-19! Please be sure to shop carefully and with purpose.