Assignments #1-25
The Sissy Kit

Assignments #1-25

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Assignment Categories: Chastity, Exposure, Feminization, Humiliation, Mental Training, Public Play, Slut Training

Enhance your sissy journey with the first twenty-five sissy assignments from Mistress Petra Hunter! For these assignments, you'll need at least five pairs of panties, one pink lace thong, one black garter belt, one black g-string, one pair of fishnet stockings, one pair of pantyhose, one pearl necklace, one blonde wig, a three-piece butt plug set, at least one dildo, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, nail polish, lip gloss, perfume, makeup brushes, fruit-scented shaving cream, a pink razor, floral-scented body wash, a printed photo of a celebrity, a chastity cage, a pillow, at least three femdom clips, a specific dating app, access to a Victoria's Secret, one smartphone or webcam, and access to a music streaming service.

Assignment #4 is included in The Original Sissy Kit, Assignment #16 is included in The Sissy Slut Kit, Assignment #24 is included in The Slut Training Kit, and Assignment #25 is included in The Neighborhood Slut Kit.

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