5 Public Play Assignments
The Sissy Kit

5 Public Play Assignments

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There’s something simultaneously thrilling and terrifying about completing an assignment in public. Whether you’re asking a store clerk at a popular lingerie chain for help purchasing panties, wearing women’s perfume to work, or watching your favorite sissy porn at a sportsbar, these 5 Public Play tasks will keep your heart pounding and your face flushed.

This bundle includes the following tasks:
Assignment #3
Assignment Categories: Exposure, Humiliation, Involves Others, Panties, Public Play
You need: access to a special lingerie store.

Assignment #6:
Assignment Categories: Panties, Public Play
You need: a pink lace thong.

Assignment #7:
Assignment Categories: Humiliation, Public Play
You need: women's perfume.

Assignment #40:
Assignment Categories:
Anal Play, Chastity, Extended Play, Humiliation, Panties, Public Play
You need:
a pink chastity cage, access to a sports bar, a pair of pink lace panties, a pink three-piece butt plug set, and a smartphone.

Assignment #47:
Assignment Categories:
Affirming, Feminization, Involves Others, Panties
You need:
a pink lace thong, access to a farmer's market, at least two dozen flowers, a vase, a smartphone, and your personal social media accounts.


Are you an adrenaline junkie who loves the risk of exposure? For additional fun that involves Public Play, order a Custom Sissy Assignment of your very own.

Remember, sissy: no risk, no reward!

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